Reservation Blues (Vinyl)

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 Celebrated on all continents for nearly 30 years B.B, & The Blues Shacks are the European export of traditional Rhythm&Blues.

With up to 4000 concerts worldwide the band has achieved a huge fanbase and can look back on 13 album releases since 1994.

Now the band has found a new home at Rhythm Bomb, returning to their creative roots with their new album. Whilst their love for Soul was never in doubt in the past, this new release sees the quintet return to what they have mastered like no other formation since their foundation: exquisite Vintage Blues and 50s Chicago Blues coupled with swing, Jump and driving shuffles. "Reservation Blues" contains.


1. Reservation Blues
2. Lay Some Shuffle Down 3. Mad About You
4. Little Secrets
5. Honeycomb
6. Year Of Strife

7. From Now On
8. My Time Ain't Long
9. I Can't Go On
10. Not Much To Loose 11. Things Won't Change

LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records


FORMAT: 12′′ Vinyl

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